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ConnexPay Simplifies the Payment Industry

In 2017, Bob Kaufman left a 20-year career at a top U.S. bank. He aimed to create ConnexPay to simplify the payment industry. As Chief Financial Officer in the bank’s Payments Services division, he saw the frustration travel agencies and online payment intermediaries faced with current systems.

Recognizing a better way to serve these customers, Bob envisioned a platform to handle payments and prevent fraud with one contract, one reconciliation, and one support team. Subsequently, backed by angel investors, Bob and a small team built ConnexPay. In 2018, they joined Atlanta Tech Park. There, they used its connections and coaching to grow. Additionally, the Park provided a custom office solution.

As a result, ConnexPay raised $145 million through Series A, B, and C funding rounds. Following this success, they moved to their headquarters in Alpharetta, GA after graduating from the Park. By 2023, ConnexPay earned spot #704 on the Inc 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America. Moreover, they were named Travel Innovator of the Year at Phocuswright.

In April 2024, Bob became Chairman of the Board, while Ben Peters succeeded him as CEO. ConnexPay continues to simplify the payment industry. Now, they have offices in Florida and Minnesota. Furthermore, the company keeps innovating, providing seamless solutions for businesses and consumers. Their platform has expanded to support various industries beyond travel, including e-commerce and insurance. ConnexPay’s commitment to security and efficiency sets a new standard in payment processing. Consequently, it has become a trusted partner for many leading companies.

Under Bob’s leadership, ConnexPay grew in size and revenue. Importantly, they maintained a strong focus on customer satisfaction and technological advancement. The company regularly updates its platform with new features and improvements. This ensures it meets the evolving needs of its clients. As ConnexPay continues to expand, it stays dedicated to its mission of simplifying and securing the payment process for businesses worldwide. Learn more about ConnexPay.