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Cyber FinTech Event has Great turnout

By May 5, 2021May 4th, 2022Events, Latest News

A jam-packed day for the Cyber FinTech event kicked off with James Azar of CyberHub Podcast and Robin Bienfait discussing the current state of cyber and its ability to enable growth in the FinTech Sector. “It’s great to be back in-person and knowledge share,” James said as he kicked off the event. Robin agreed adding, “Covid 19 and cyber pandemic elevated importance of security to the business.”

New to The Park this year was the addition of a cyber breach simulation hosted by James Azar featuring an intimate conversation and hands on experience. Along with the breach, The Park continued its hybrid approach by offering exclusive online content, including Jeff Fried of InterSystems discussing A Practical Path to Machine Learning Success for Financial Institutions. Jeff went into an in-depth overview of AI and how to ensure success. Sam Phillips of Wells Fargo joined James for a virtual fireside chat discussion about his journey into cyber. When you take the “that will never happen to me approach, how do you know? You are really going to keep yourself open ”, Sam noted. Also joining James was Ron Green of MasterCard. They covered how being in security and fintech never has a boring day where Ron mentioned “the change in covid response required rapid changes to technology that was used every day. Instead of securing core centers, we’re having to secure everyone not being in a center. You’re depending more on your cloud servicer providers than ever before.”

Robin Bienfait held her CISO/CIO/CTO Roundtable where they discussed the past 120 days and the impact of cyber breaches where one happens every 11 seconds. Cyber activity and fraud has increased by 600%. As a CISO practices cyber, how do we practice better? Learn from events. Prevent events? In summary, having better tools is important. Orchestration is important. Having partners telling you what you should be looking at and for with threat Intel is key.

Our virtual attendees we able to learn more about Avertium and Veloxiti and the afternoon wrapped up with an all star panel that included Paul Farley, NCR; Ken Foster, Fiserv; Sam Phillips, Wells Fargo; and Gautam Vyas, FIS Global. They covered a vast array of topics, including how to ensure that everyone maintains a work/life balance now that so many work from their homes. They also touched on how people are viewed as more human when the dog walks into the room or the kids are in the background. On a serious note, they continued on the discussion of the challenge securing everyone working from home and the need for security around documents, devices and best practices.

If you would like to see the event, please click here.

This event is our lead up event to Georgia Cyber Week, to be held September 20 – 23, 2021 where we will highlight the three main verticals of Georgia’s economy. This week will unify the ecosystems in Georgia around cybersecurity and focus on how Cyber is a business enabler that helps businesses grow.